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I came in to see Debra Tri at her Medspa after watching her perform this procedure called the Vampire lift. I was very impressed scheduled an appointment.

I asked questions about it and felt comfortable with her. After having it done I see that I wasted my $2500 on this procedure. Deb gave me some... free little samples of some expired products to lighten my brown spots.

After going back for my pictures to compare I did not see any change. I felt that although she claims she saw something I didnt say a thing not even a minor or suttle change. I felt everytime she showed me my before and after pictures she wanted me to agree with her and say yes I see something. I talked with a respectable Plastic Surgeon who is board certified about this and he stated any respectable Dr would refund you or try and work something out with you to accomodate you.

I stated she's not a doctor she's a ARNP. I did express my feelings to Deb and she stated that if she gets some samples of a product or whatever to see if it would make a difference to my brownspots but that never happened.I feel that was just talk to comfort me but she never followed up with that. I feel that all she wanted was my money and me leaving and looking like a fool. I talk to another Plastic Surgeon in Bellevue and he stated that it's a rip off to take your money.

Although she was ncie to me I cannot help but feel its a deceptive ploy to get ones money and try and make you believe you see a difference or change. I went to her hoping she could assist me and believed this would help my browns spots but i feel it was just a lie.

I just want my money back. Its bugged me all this time until another Dr suggested for me to file a complaint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Simplicity Medspa Dermatology Doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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